What Is A Good E-commerce Promotion Strategy?

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Many e-commerce websites face the following problems:

  • Many e-commerce websites can't be reached. In other words, these websites do not have any rankings in search engines.
  • The products or services present on these websites don't show up on search engines such as Google.
  • E-commerce website owners often complain that although users visit their website there is no boost in sales.
    Many websites do generate sales but by utilizing its full potential.

    Hence, an e-commerce website requires a comprehensive development, marketing and promotion strategy in order to not only bring traffic, but also shoppers.

    In order to understand a little more about e-commerce promotion, one needs to understand the primary outcome of e-commerce promotion:

  • It brings users traffic as well as shoppers to the website and
  • It entices the Internet users to become dedicated customers of the website.

    This might look like an easy marketing strategy, but lets have a deeper look at this strategy through a simple example. A person who has taken efforts to reach a physical store has more investment in the visit. In other words, since the visitor has put in so much time and effort to reach the store, the visitor is more likely to make 'some' purchase.

    Whereas, it takes very little effort to reach an e-commerce website. It may even have taken the visitor a single click to reach the site. Even more so, they can leave the site with a single click. Overall, there is minimum effort utilized on the part of the visitor, hence these visitors have less motivation to make a purchase at the site.

    An e-Commerce Promotion Strategy looks at the total acquisition cost of the customer and increased ROI on a long term basis. According to this strategy, one needs to bring in the most relevant visitors at the lowest possible cost, increase sales per order and be able to bring them back for similar purchases in the long run. In such a strategy there are mainly 3 steps:

    1.Direct traffic towards the e-Commerce website To accomplish this step one requires the following services: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (PPC, Text/Banner Ads), Comparison shopping optimization, Online Classifieds,etc.

    2.This traffic then needs to be enticed in order to generate sales. Once again this step can function only when: Customer Connect - emotional content, Increase Sales one order at a time - associated products, customer recommendations, reviews, Shopping Cart Optimization, Coupons, Sale any form of motivation for the visitor, Site effectiveness, appropriate Call-to-Action areas.

    3.The third and final step is Known as repeat business or bring back the customer. This can only be accomplished through the following steps: Newsletters reminding them of upcoming promotions, some sort of feedback mechanism, good customer service.

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What Is A Good E-commerce Promotion Strategy?

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This article was published on 2010/10/12