E-commerce Support Shoe Factory In Guangzhou To Benefit

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SME e-business applications to support Guangzhou project officially started. Guangzhou Huiying Advertising Co., Ltd. (HC Network), the Guangzhou Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Japan Bin 4 enterprises was "small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou in 2009, e-commerce provider credentials." According to reports, the next five years, Guangzhou will seize the building, "Information in Guangzhou," the historic opportunity to increase efforts to promote the building of e-commerce applications to improve electronic commerce service system, build the network of the modern Nike Air Max 2009 business model, transform and upgrade traditional industries, fostering the growth of the Internet industry, to create "network operators are" and realize the integration of information technology and industrialization, improving the core competitiveness of the national central city, and enhance the high-end elements of concentration, radiation driven and integrated services to Guangzhou, playing a major e-commerce center of Asia-Pacific region .

From April, the Guangzhou City in the application of e-business for SMEs are expected to receive government funding. I learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Information Office, the Guangzhou municipal government will be arranged during the period 2009-2011, Guangzhou City, 30 million yuan as funds to support SME e-business applications, through government procurement of services, reduce water test Wholesale Air Max 90 e-commerce for SMEs threshold, plans three years to support foreign trade enterprises in Guangzhou City, 3000 and 20,000 domestic enterprise applications, e-commerce. Placed in front of SMEs is a challenge even more opportunities. The advantage of this opportunity and effective way to strengthen the network of marketing, vigorously promote e-commerce. For SMEs, whether it is capital or technology, are not compared with the large enterprises.

E-commerce can provide a platform for small and medium enterprises that provide another channel, so that they have the opportunity to conduct online trade. Some providers also offer enterprise e-commerce website building an independent marketing services. Enterprises through the platform to facilitate the release of Nike Air Max 24-7 products, browse available information. In short, the enterprise, the biggest advantage is that e-commerce can increase sales and reduce costs to the business profits. According to analysis, SMEs are more suitable for modern use third-party e-commerce platform to carry out trade in this way can save a lot of investment, reduce operating costs and increase operational efficiency. It provides SMEs and large enterprises a platform for fair competition, providing a large number of market opportunities for SMEs which also brought direct benefits.

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E-commerce Support Shoe Factory In Guangzhou To Benefit

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This article was published on 2010/12/10